Brain Health and Your Diet

Our eating habits today are very different than the eating habit of our ancestry. This means you need to change your food choices to enhance your brain health. Go here to learn more.

The brains of humans weigh roughly three pounds. The brains of humans are in charge of our behaviors: sleeping, eating, feeling and thinking. Since the brain serves as the organ that regulates emotions, hopes and your personality, brain health is vital. Since the human brain is the most vulnerable organ to impairment, they are easily damaged due to poor eating habits, which lead to harmful neurotoxins. One must realize that the brain is not repairable, meaning it is not like other organs that have the capacity for rebuilding themselves.

Brain health is affected by the food we eat, and since we do not eat the same food as our ancestors, it is important to change our diets. What we thought was healthy years ago might not be a good modern picture of health. Brain activity can be severely affected by the foods we eat, foods that often put foreign chemicals in our pumping blood along with unnatural hormones, which both lead to impairments. Because of these facts, you should not simply base your food choices on taste, cost and availability, but rather, you should base them on whether or not they contain neurotoxins.

In the old days, people used meat and dairy as their sources of protein. This is not the best method for getting protein today. Due to increasing amounts and advancements of farming industrialization, dairy and meat account for nearly 80% of pollutants found in today’s food, and such pollutants have the potential to do damage to the brain.

Despite the neurotoxins we are finding in farmed food, there is also the concern of how much iron is found in red meat. Too much iron leads to brain damage. There is less of a chance in women since they lose blood by menstrual cycles while men can only lose blood by donating it. When the brain contains too much iron, brain cells might die, and losing brain cells is the primary cause of brain disease.

Natural food was eaten by our ancestors. For instance, look at baking soda. It is full of aluminum, a toxic metal that leads to brain damage. Other metals found in food today that make for poor brain health include lead and mercury. While our ancestors ate fish that was fresh, we are eating fish raised on a farm and are full of many of the above neurotoxins.

Thought the food we eat today might taste better, that doesn’t mean it is healthier. So reevaluate your diet. You need to keep in mind that the food you decide to eat will impact your brain health one way or another.

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