Supplements to Improve Brain Health

With all of our medical knowledge and advancements, we still know very little about the brain. The senses are processed in different parts of the brain and in imaging studies different areas “light up” for functions such as emotion or memory recall. We know that brain injuries can cause changes in personality and that certain medications can trigger or reverse depression. We know that over 13% of the adult population in the United States has sought treatment for a mental health issue in a single year, approximately 5% suffer from a serious mental illness that greatly impacts their life and an unknown percentage may be affected but not seeking care. Losing our mind would be akin to losing who we are as people–our memories, emotions and personalities are processed in the brain–making it the scariest organ of them all. To get more info, click here: procera avh

Interestingly enough, the brain is one of the only organs that also comes with a significant stigma. If something is wrong with your kidney and you seek treatment you are met with sympathy from family and friends. A stay in the hospital after an accident or injury will usually result in flowers and get-well cards. Those suffering from mental illness receive quite different treatment. Psychological evaluation and quiet, short-term hospitalization in a specialized ward are often hushed-up, leaving only close family truly aware while everyone else is offered a prearranged lie. Denial and shame are the socially agreed-upon methods of coping because fear of it happening to us is too much to really focus on the problem.

Have you ever been sick with a cold or the flu and found that you were struggling to think, remember things and finish sentences? There is a fog around everything in your mind and it’s as though the world is moving at super speed and you are too slow to catch up. Remember how you felt on a day that was particularly “brainy” in your life. Perhaps it was a college debate class or a discussion with friends at a coffee shop. That day for just a moment you stepped outside of yourself and thought, “I am really smart,” and it felt wonderful. Rather than feeling foggy and lost, wouldn’t you choose to be at your mental best every day if you could?

The media claims that a heart-healthy lifestyle is recommended by every doctor. Dietary changes and nutritional supplements are sold for everything from a reduction in cholesterol to a reported boost to our immune system. Joint function and bone density replacement have their own specialized supplements. Why are we not all on some kind of supplement that can increase our memory and improve our overall brain health?

Some dietary supplements are available that advertise an improvement in mental function. Anyone who takes extra vitamin C during flu season will tell you there is nothing wrong with giving your body every chance it can get to stay healthy. Vitamin and health food stores can make recommendations and an online search can offer more information as well. If your personality is in your brain, that heart-healthy lifestyle can keep blood flowing but the brain is what truly makes you who you are.

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